Pharmanimal Group

#1 veterinary drug wholesaler in Greece for over 30 years

Pharm Animal S.A. is the largest veterinary wholesaler in Greece. Besides distribution of a large and comprehensive range of veterinary pharmaceutical products, it is also active in the fields of consumables, nutritional supplements, health products, as well as food products for small animals and grooming products. 

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Stock availability of over 2.500 products

Our supply department makes sure that daily our warehouse is fully stocked. In case of shortages, seasonality, abrupt changes in demand, price changes, our specialized staff informs our clients. If product shortages occur, our staff helps our customers to find the best alternative product that covers their needs.

Nationwide coverage with a certified distribution process

We have a modern privately owned fleet of vehicles equipped with cooling systems to maintain stable temperatures, certified for the transport of pharmaceutical products, while at the same time we cooperate with a wide network of certified distribution companies that includes courier companies, specialized transport companies and public buses (KTEL), ensuring delivery of pharmaceutical products throughout the Greek territory under excellent conditions in less than 24 hours. Our goal is that customer’s orders arrive at their destination with speed, safety, and in excellent quality.

Our goal is to deliver veterinary drugs to our customers as soon as possible, providing the best transport and delivery conditions.

Less than 24 hours delivery

Through certified procedures, our high-quality logistic center along with our private fleet makes us capable to deliver our customers' orders in less than 24 hours.

Technical Support by highly specialized and experienced staff

Through our toll-free phone number, our technical support composed of 3 veterinarians, 4 veterinary specialists and 1 agronomist, offers continuous technical support to our customers.

Products approved by National Medicine Organization

We are cooperating with all veterinary drugs producers approved by the National Medicine Organization. As a result, we offer the largest and most complete stock of veterinary products. We are also cooperating with large veterinary pharmaceutical producers, having the exclusive distribution rights for their products in the Greek market.